We invite you along a 4-day trip to see the best of Greece and dive in its rich history.

From ancient monuments and temples, to monasteries built on rugged cliffs, everything you’ll see will leave you speechless.

Day one
Our starting point is Athens. The tour begins early in the morning and we head west.
The first stop is made at the Corinth Canal, which is 6 kilometers long and connects the Corinthian Gulf to the Aegean Sea.
Ancient Corinth is our second stop. There you will be able to admire the Temple of Apollo, constructed in 540 BC.
The remains of Ancient Corinth, as rebuilt by Julius Caesar in 44 BC, lie there, not very far from today’s modern city of Corinth.
Afterwards, we arrive at Mycenae. Its kingdom ruled anciently from 1600 to 1100 BC.
The Mycenaean Acropolis is surrounded by the so called “Cyclopean masonry”, which is 12 meters high!
A little further down the hill you can find the Treasury of Atreus, the best preserved prehistoric
monument in Europe.
A 20 minute drive will take us to Nafplion, a wonderful town with an intense Medieval atmosphere, that also served as the first capital of the country. On the top of a cliff above the town, you can find the fortress of Palamidi. Near the port is where you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch, with a wonderful view of Bourtzi; Bourtzi is an islet close to Nafplion, on which stands a fortress, constructed there to protect the town from naval attacks.
Our drive continues through central Peloponnese (Tripoli, Megalopolis, Zacharo) and we’ll eventually arrive at Olympia where we’ll stay the night.

Day two
In the morning we’ll make a visit to the archaeological site of Olympia where Zeus was worshiped and the Olympic Games were held in his honour.
Among the monuments you’ll get to admire are the temple of Zeus (470-456 BC), the Heraeum (600 BC), the Stadium (6th- 5th Century BC), prehistoric discoveries in the area and numerous exhibits of the geometric, archaic and classical period.
Lunch will be enjoyed in the village of Olympia and we’ll spend the night in Delphi.

Day three
The whole day will be spent in ancient Delphi; this place was believed to be the centre of the world.
You’ll be able to visit Castalia spring, where Pythia the priestess is said she purified herself before the divinations, the Temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, the theater, the stadium, the Temple of Athena Pronea and Tholos. A visit to the museum is saved for the end.
You will enjoy your lunch at a traditional local tavern, before leaving for Meteora.
To get there, we’ll pass through Arachova and mount Parnassos.
We’ll arrive at Kalabaka to spend the night late in the evening.

Day four
The day will start with a visit to Meteora, the famous breathtaking rock formations that host various monasteries on top, such as the Great Meteoron, Varlaam, Roussanou, Holy Trinity, St. Stephen and St. Nicolaos Anapafsas.
You’ll have lunch in Kalabaka and then, on our way back to Athens, we’ll drive through Thermopylae, where Leonidas and his 300 loyal warriors heroically resisted the invading Persians in 480 BC.
Late in the afternoon we’ll be back in Athens.

HIGHLIGHTS Ancient Corinth, The Corinth Canal, Acrocorinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Bourtzi, Palamidi, Sanctuary of Asclepius, The Theater of Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi, The Monasteries of Meteora, Thermopylae
  • Comfortable clothing and athletic footwear are recommended
  • Sunglasses and hats are suggested
  • Taking photos during the tour is permitted
  • Local currency is needed for entrance fees and other expenses (€25)
  • Entrance fees, drinks, meals, accommodation and gratuities are not included
NOT INCLUDED Entrance fees, drinks, meals, accommodation and /or gratuities



  • All local taxes, VAT, tolls and baggage charges are included in the rates.
  • Prices are set per tour and not per person.
  • Drivers will not wait for more than 60 minutes after the indicated pick-up time.
  • All tours are private, personal and flexible.

Τhe driver is not permitted to enter any archaeological sites or museums with you.
Allowed to do so are only licensed guides.
In case such a service is needed, we can book a licensed guide for you.
All the services are subject to weather conditions, traffic regulations and all potential events beyond the control of the service supplier, such as strikes, demonstrations and so on.
Should such an event occur, that partially or in full affects the provision of the service, the provider shall apply all reasonable effort for its fulfillment.
If those efforts nonetheless fail, the service provider shall not be held responsible.


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